Cheap Hotels in Medellín Colombia

Meet new cities or destinies is a really smart choice, because let you know new cultures and recognize that exist a thousand of different lifestyles around you. Medellin is the famous city of eternal spring and has not won this name in vain, natural beauty surrounded by mountains stands out from the rest of cities across the country, making it one of the best destinations for travel. But we know that the money factor it´s really important for taking a decision about what destiny we going to choose, for that reason if you are looking cheap hotels in Medellin Colombia, El Deportista Hotel is an ideal alternative, because give you the best service for low prices without compromising quality and good treatment, allowing you to know this wonderful city.

Medellin grows toward the two sides of Aburrá River and every New Year it lights to become in the touristic center of the holidays. In its foundation the city was named Villa of Our Lady of Candelaria in the year 1675, but issues arising from the politics of the time, was finally named as it is known today. From the nineteenth century Medellin grew to the point of becoming the hub of trade in the Antioquia region.

In 2013, it surprise the hall planet for being named the most innovative city of the world for the City of the Year contest organized by The Wall Street Journal and Citygroup. The election of the jury was to choose the city of Medellin over other participating cities: the final votes was made through an open survey and it was impossible  to prevent the great and proud people of the region not vote for this iconic valley as the most innovative city in the world.

In the same way, has the privileged of being considerate for the GaWC like one of the cities that could be sufficient type, since in their territory are located big supply services companies and the department administration of Antioquia. Medellin is home to large textile companies, industrial, metallurgical, energy and service sectors such as health and telecommunications, it is also famous for being the hometown of construction, automotive and food companies, which have grown to become international exponents.

Medellin has a total of 2.4 million people and inside the plans of land use is intended to be the center of a large region, the focal point and the epicenter of services for all Antioquia. Its beautiful population is characterized by its liveliness and social warmth. They are people anywhere in the world always stand out because they are animated and unimaginable human quality. Medellin is easier to make friends than enemies. Dare to walk through the city center without any fear, in fact want that in other regions people were more conscious about the way they act.

You can imagine be surrounded by kind people in a city that it´s delimited by mountains and a beautiful valley with the perfect weather. All that you need to do is find cheap hotels in Medellin Colombia that offers you access to different social, economic and cultural dynamics. Our El Deportista Hotel will always be ready to take into account each one of your requirements to make of your visit the best experiences in the city of eternal spring.

Our hotel can gives you the necessary comfort for you stay and much more, include a guidance that none of the wonderful places that this city can offer miss. The cheap hotels in Medellin Colombia  are central enough, so you can access the service of massive transit Metro without any problem, in fact the whole city is easy to interpret in its streets and transportation are well structured with staff better for users.

Dare to see the city from the outside to the edge of Aburra Valley. You have to know the Arvi Park and the cultural tradition that it has, visit the viewpoints that embrace the region, the museums like Fernando Botero´s house and the park that it’s adorned with his sculptures. In downtown you can be participated to the best theater plays, maybe some of them ask you for a voluntary contribution to the output. You can visit the traditional Malaga Hall, historical heritage of the city of Medellin that was visit for the god of tango Carlos Gardel on several occasions. Do not overlook the functions of free cinema in the Park of Desires.

In the same way you could find a large and different selection of restaurants in the region with food of many places of the world, distributed en several zones of the city where you can find an excellent gastronomic offer with different prices. If maybe you wish eat fast food to the best gourmet style, you will enjoy the food trucks that parking the weekends in the night in the River City, near to the Modern Art Museum of Medellin (MAMM). Also we suggest not leave the city without visit the Via Jardin exotic restaurants or the famous hot chocolate with cheese that will sell you in anywhere in the town.

Now you don´t have excuses to not coming and enjoy of this beautiful valley, it’s impossible don´t fall in love with the first time that you see it. You only have to choose us El Deportista Hotel, one of the cheap hotels in Medellin Colombia, in the city that everyone’s want to come back, that it’s full of history and count with world presence. Visit the Aburra Valley, we guarantee you that you don´t going to regret of pick the town and the Hotel like you touristic destiny.